David Ryan Olson of Evergreen Mixing

Evergreen Mixing is the home of mix engineer David Ryan Olson

In addition to being a skilled audio engineer, David is also a passionate musician. Unlike many professionals in the field who focus solely on the technical aspects of mixing, David brings a unique sense of musicality to each project. His aim is not just to achieve excellent sound quality, but also to maximize the emotional impact of the music, aiming for goosebumps for both you and your audience.

When you partner with us for your mixing needs, you're getting more than just an amazing final product. You're entering into a lasting relationship with a team committed to helping you create the best music possible. David and his team take great pleasure in getting to know you and helping you grow as an artist.

Outside of mixing, David works with artists to build lasting success through our sister company, Evergreen Records. When he's not immersed in music, you'll find him playing with his pup, Eleanor Pigly.

David would love to get to know you personally. No matter if you want to chat about music to just say hi, email him at david@evergreenmixing.com.